Christian’s Against Poverty (CAP)

John Kirkby founded CAP in 1996 in response to the tremendous poverty he saw in his home city of Bradford. As a Christian, he believed God was calling him to use the skills gained through 17 years experience in the consumer finance industry to reach out to people suffering under the burden of debt.

At the end of 2010 CAP had 150 Debt Centres across the UK, all run in partnership with a local church. Each month, they offer over 400 families a route out of debt. In 2010 over 400 people made first time faith commitments through CAP’s help and support of their local church.

Before receiving help from CAP:
72% of clients missed meals, with 30% doing so regularly.
80% of clients lived in fear.
6% of client had already attempted suicide, and 38% seriously considered it.
74% of clients visited their GP with 44% being prescribed medication
72% of clients said debt affected their relationship
28% of clients said debt led to their relationship breakdown.CAP_Debt_Help_logo_green

CAP is a 21st century expression of God’s heart for the poor. They support people for the long haul and work with them until they are debt free, which can be up to five years.

The Hastings and St Leonards CAP Debt Centre is run in partnership with St Leonards Baptist Church

For more information visit the Christians Against Poverty Website.